Sponsor & Guest Information

The 2015 Nitto JK Experience Series is the perfect opportunity to get your companies name in the limelight of a prestigious event focused on a particular niche in the automotive market…the Jeep Wrangler JK. This is an open event for ANY manufacturer of JK parts & accessories. This is an exclusive event that is limited to 10 invited participating sponsors in each series.

This is a great opportunity for everyone. The event series is the most extreme and exclusive JK run of its kind allowing manufacturers of JK products to showcase, test, and prove those products both on and off-road. This is not a competition, there are no losers or failures as we will all work together from start to finish to conquer the beautiful land and obstacles put in front of us.

  • You are responsible for all your expenses on the run and must be self sufficient.
  • All vehicles must be a 2007-current Jeep Wrangler JK, no exceptions!


10 invited guests will be chosen to on each Nitto JK Experience Series.  You have the opportunity to submit your application for 2015 through the “2015 Sign Up” tab. You may indicate your preferred series location however there is know guarantee.  In the spirit of the Nitto JKX we encourage applicants to step outside your normal comfort zone to get a new JK Experience.  Be sure to read the vehicle requirements to ensure you meet all the mandatory requirements for this run.

All entries will be reviewed equally by the Nitto JK Experience team and must meet the vehicle requirements.  If you receive a phone call and are selected and accept the invitation there is a non-refundable $500 per person entry fee (limited to driver and co-driver) that will be invoiced and required to pay prior to event.  Space is limited to 2 persons per rig and must be 18 and older.  Every rig, the drivers, the co-drivers should be self sufficient and capable to fix your vehicle breakage and be equipped with extra parts. Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to and from event and any costs you may incur for or during this event.

Invited guests & co-drivers will follow all the rules and regulations listed and everyone will receive the same hospitality and treatment from the event staff and coordinators whether you’re a sponsor or invited guest.

All participants will be required to run the all sponsors (host, feature, coordinator, and event sponsors) logos on their vehicles. All logos will be coordinated through Nitto JK Experience staff.  No other logo’s will be allowed on vehicles other than the sponsors of this event.


As a sponsor you will be able to do live updates to your websites, YouTube and 4×4 forums. These updates should be only about your companies participation in the event, trails ran that day and status of your vehicle. Bashing other participants and/or their products is not permitted or for professional standards, not ethical. This event is intended to be great proving grounds for the Jeep JK and your products by testing your rig and skills to the extreme.

Marketing & Networking Opportunities: The Jeep JK Enthusiasts consume the sport any way they can, TV, Radio, Online, Internet, Forums etc.

  • We will have DVD’s produced and released documenting separately the West Coast and the East Coast Nitto JKX of which each sponsor will receive copies for your distribution at no additional cost.
  • We will be producing video coverage for YouTube release of the West Coast, East Coast and Middle America Nitto JKX.
  • We with have a minimum of 3 exclusive write-ups on DRIVEINGLINE.COM of the East Coast, West Coast and Middle America Nitto JKX.
  • We will be launching an IPHONE APP that is in production and plan on being released next year.
  • We will invite media editors from fitting industries to initiate and assist in exposure but with no guarantees of whom will attend.
  • We will be reaching out local newspapers, TV networks for their support.
  • All sponsors logo will be included on the event banners, event-shirts, event stickers and event website with links to sponsors website.
  • All sponsors logos will be statically displayed on the outside of all participants vehicles throughout the duration of the Nitto JKX events for maximum exposure.
  • We will be active on varies social media sights and forums and encourage social media sharing to take advantage of the maximum exposure.

We have sponsorship options that can be tailored to meet your needs whether it be a non-participating or participating sponsor.

We want EVERYONE to have a great time on the Nitto JK Experience!  Every rig and the drivers and co-drivers should be self sufficient and capable to handle and fix vehicle breakage and equipment with extra parts so make sure your co-driver is chosen wisely.  Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to and from event and any costs you may incur for or during this event.   All sponsors and invited guests and their co-drivers will be asked to sign an event waiver (liability) as well as release waiver for the photos and video taken of all participants during the event.