Vehicle Requirements & Checklist

  1. 2007 or newer Jeep JK.

  2. Lockers, Front and Rear

  3. Sport Cage

  4. 37″ Minimum Tire Size for 4 Door

  5. 35″ Minimum Tire Size for 2 Door

  6. Must be self sufficient with tools and spare parts

  7. A tow strap, emergency flares, a Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit and Spill Kit

  8. Working CB Radio

  9. Winch

  10. Working E-brake

  11. Emergency water and food supply

  12. Extra Gas

  13. All invited guests are required to run the provided JKX sticker package of the all the sponsors for the duration of the trip..

  14. No other branding stickers including jeep clubs will be permitted.

Entry Fees, Documentation & Eligibility for JKX

  1. Minimum age of 21

  2. Must be self sufficient with tools, spare parts and be able to get down and dirty if need be. That means, even the co-driver. Our JKX support crew is the best of the best and will do what is necessary to keep the group safely moving.

  3. If selected, there is a non-refundable entry fee of $750 per person to secure the your spot.

  4. Vehicle space is limited to a driver and co-driver.

  5. No towing trailers. If you tow your rig, you are responsible for finding the trailer a home for the week.

  6. At drivers orientation and sign in, entrants must present valid driver's licenses, vehicle registration, proof of vehicle liability insurance and sign event liability releases.

  7. Except in an emergency, no passengers are allowed in a JKX participants vehicle unless that person has registered with JKX event coordinator.

  8. Lodging for JKX will be pre-arranged in advance by our event coordinator to ensure the secrecy of the route. If selected, entrant will be invoiced for those accommodations, which need to be paid prior to starting date.

  9. Participants are responsible for taking care of their own expenses on the trip which includes, transportation to and from, fuel, food, water etc. As a reminder, lodging will be pre-arranged by our JKX coordinator however, you are responsible for settling up prior to start date.

  10. A vehicle and participant may be excluded from the JKX at any point due to unsafe condition or the actions of the occupants. (This includes violations of these rules, citations, reckless driving and acts that endanger the general public or discredit the JKX event.)

  11. Any situations not covered by these regulations will be ruled on at the discretion of the JKX organizing committee.

All the above are mandatory requirements, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t meet all of them, there still is a chance. If selected, and you meet ALL THE ABOVE on "check in" which is the first day,  your good to go!