Thanks to our generous sponsors and the growing support of the Jeep JK enthusiasts, we are able to keep this premier event going strong in 2015.  Off Road Evolution® is honored to announce Nitto Tire U.S.A will be the new Title Sponsor of the JK Experience and Discount Tire as the presenting sponsor.  The JK Experience was designed to give manufactures a platform to showcase, test, and prove their products on the highway and off of the highway. We are proud to announce for 2015 the Nitto JK Experience presented by Discount Tire has expanded into a series covering East Coast, West Coast and Middle America. With this expansion, we are excited about the opportunities it can bring to manufactures and companies. It is a great event to be part of!

This event, by design, is intended to be the most demanding and toughest JK event EVER. It truly is unbelievable and a once in a life time wheeling experience. Everyone is encourage to apply!  All it takes is a Jeep JK and a team of two that can wheel, wrench, get along with others, and abide by our only real rule: No Whiners!  There other requirements which can be read on the requirements page BUT a positive attitude and the ability to go with the flow and fix what you have makes the trip a lot easier for everyone. With a limited invitation of 10 guests and 10 sponsors we encourage submission of your application early.

The dates of the 2015 series are:  East Coast (April 18th-24th), Middle America (May 23rd-25th) and West Coast (September 5th-12th).  If you submit your application, it will be kept throughout the entire year for possible selection in any one of the series.

Please remember if selected each person is responsible for your own expenses, getting the time off of work, wheel, gas and get home. The starting location will not released until 2 months before.  The lodging accommodations will be prearranged by our event coordinator to secure the “secrecy” of the route.  Participants will be invoiced and responsible for taking care of that prior to start date.

Are you up for it?

Unique to this event is the chance to be able to wheel, camp and relax with your favorite leading manufacturer. Yes, they are running the same trails, eating the same foods and enjoying the same weather as you. Through this event many participants, including ourselves, have made lasting friendships.





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