Day 1 : East Coast JKX - Hale Mountain & Jack Daniels Distillery

Excited to start of the 1st ever East Coast JKX we made a quick stop to pick up Discount Tire RESQ1 and some other participating rigs.

It's check-in time at the starting point, we get started sticking up the rigs with sponsors logo's package.

Our first stop on the East Coast JKX started in the green mountains of Tennessee.  Beautiful weather and killer trails up at Hale Mountain. 

A big thank you to all our sponsors for supplying goodies for the swag bags.  All our guest rocked the best sponsors apparel around!   

After a quick drivers meeting and handing out the days lunch sponsored by Mastercraft Safety -  it's was time to hit the morning road!

We've arrived at Hale Mountain OHV where we met some great people and we're looking forward to wheeling in their privately own park.  We all aired down ready to go to "Hale and back", haha!

download (9).jpg

 A special thank you to the owners of Hale Mountain OHV park for there Southern hospitality and allowing us to wheel there.  After a obstacle filled mud slinging day it was time to air up and get back on the road. 

download (1).jpg

And headed to...

unnamed (8).jpg

Jack Daniels Distillery where we had a very cool tour and finished up the evening with a tasty Southern BBQ dinner at the Barrel House sponsored by REVOLUTION GEAR & AXLE!  

With our stomachs full it was time to head back to clean up, re-torque and get ready for the next day of the East Coast Nitto JKX presented by Discount Tire.  

Until Tomorrow...


2015 Nitto JKX East ready to start


This Year JK EXPERIENCE  will be bring 3 Adventures this week start the East coast The 1 first week long trip of the Year .

FOLLOW HERE as we lead this years Nitto JK Experience  through 6 South Eastern states. Ride with us as we wheel rocks, mud , waterfalls and swamps , laugh and relax with us as we take in the historic sights , nice hotels great meals , Bond with us as we repair, spot and overcome any opstacle or challenge that may occur . MIX in Invited Guest ,Offroad Industries professional, 4x4s and posibly a Banjo or 2 ,and you have this years Eastern JK EXPERIENCE .



MOAB 2015

this Year in the spirit of JK Experience  we choose  to drive  EvoLander and enjoy the entire trip there and back and everthing inbetween !

For those that are not familiar  with EvoLander it is My wife ever day driver 2013 Rubicon with 55k on it 

Here is the list all the stock drive train components on it 




Stock lockers

Stock balljoints


Stock engine, trans  ,TCase,

Stock steering ,trackbars,Drag link , and 6 of the 8 suspention control arm. 

Here is the list of Mods ...Evo Adjustable front lower Control arms  

EVO bolt on King coil overs  

With custom lower weld on shock mounts

Evo Rear track bar correction  brackets 

Fox steering stabilizer  

Front king air bumps 

5. 38 gears   

37 inch Nitto trail graplers on 17 inch Chamber Pros bead lock wheels

We have been wheeling this set up for around 45000 miles.







Next Guest Selected is........????

We're getting down to the wire!  This week we will be finalizing the participants list who'll be part of the 1st ever East Coast JKX!  If you weren't selected for this one, don't worry there are 2 more opportunities to be picked - we still have Middle America and West Coast JKX up and coming!

The next guy who was selected to be part of the East Coast JKX was just confirmed.  He will be wheeling his 2Door Black 2008 Jeep Wrangler.  His goal was to build his 4x4 rig to be able to go onto any trail in the US and still be able to drive home!  Well my friend, what better event to do that then the JKX!   

He has a 16" custom coilover lift with front Lockerite and rear ARB lockers and running a stock transmission with Atlas transfer case.  

We'd like to welcome Mike B. from Killeen, Texas on-board for the 2015 East Coast Nitto JKX presented by Discount Tire!  We look forward to wheeling with you and we'll see you in 7 weeks and counting!

Next Guest On-Board for the East Coast

9 Weeks to go and counting! !  We have just confirmed the next participating guest of the 2015 Nitto JKX presented by Discount Tire.   This guest will be running his 2 Door, 2008 Jeep JK Rubicon which was stretched 8".  He has modified and customized his rig to fit his personal preference.  That's the great thing about the Jeep JK.   

He'll be running a RRK 2-5/8 12" travel coilover up front and Fox 2.0 14" travel coilover in the rear with Rock Krawler arms front and rear.  He also has ARB lockers front and rear, Nitto Trail Grapplers,  ATX slabs which is now KMC Wheels, Bolt in Rockhard cage, Truck-LIte, Poison Spyder front bumper, RIPP long tube headers and Hushpower Muffler.  

I won't list all his mods you'll just have to follow along here on the JKX NEWS to see pictures and video coverage of how each driver, co-driver and rig are doing.  Wheeling in the ROCKS is this guys favorite terrain, please welcome from Schererville, Indiana- 

Kevin G.

Welcome aboard and we'll be seeing you soon!  

Next Invited Guest for East Coast is..........

A HUGE thank you to everyone for submitting your applications to be part of the Nitto JKX presented by Discount Tire.
We have selected another guest to participate in the East Coast JKX coming up here in 9 weeks.  

Does anyone know which U.S.A state animal is a white tail deer and state bird is a cardinal?

Did anyone get it right???

Please join me in welcoming from the State of Ohio -
Graham L. from the City of Dublin
who will be running his 2011 Jeep JK Unlimited Rubicon

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the Nitto East Coast JKX presented by Discount Tire.  

We all look forward to meeting you and having a great time!