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The founder, Mel Wade originally created the JK Experience to showcase versatility of the Jeep JK platform by guiding groups of participants over exhilarating on- and off-road off-shoots, the trip amplifies the fact that with a little aftermarket support, your daily driver and hardcore wheeler can be one in the same.  This trip quickly became nationally known as the "JKX".  It's a test of man and machine that is intended to bring out the best in both.

With such great interest and participation, it has grown into more than just a "JK" thing.  Today, Mel hosts wheeling events all over the United States and for all levels of off-roaders.  With the awesome supporting sponsors, Mel and his team have put on such events as the Jeep-Xperience, Jeep-Bash, infamous JKX and coming soon by popular demand, Mel and the crew will be hosting events outside of the Jeep JK plateform which will be announced at a later date.

So whether you are a new to wheeling or a know it all, Mel has an Xperience for you!