Day 4 - North Carolina: Tail of the Dragon & the Biltmore Estate

Road day, but done in a JKX style road day. Proving that JK's can wheel the hardest trails and then jump on the highway, we headed East towards the Tail of the Dragon with it's 318 curves in 11 miles. It was time to re-connect the sway-bars, air-up the tires, and let the hemis, superchargers, and even the ol' 3.8's roar. But first breakfast at the one and only Wafflehouse, thanks to Dynatrac. 

After breakfast we hit the road, not sure where to, but soon we had an idea thanks to our GPS. 

The Tail of the Dragon was spectacular.

We took a pit stop at Deal's Gap to catch our breath then back on the road.

More road miles, but looking forward to wherever we end up. Nothing like waking in the morning with no idea where you will be or sleep at night - that is JKX.

Asheville, North Carolina for the night, but first, let's all take a tour of the Vanderbilt's Biltmore Estate - DAMN!

After a long day on the road, we all checked in to the hotel next door, prepped the the jeeps and got ready for a 7:00am driver's meeting. 

Day 3 - Wind Rock

72,000 acres, 320 miles of trails. Rain, mud, waterfalls, winch lines, momentum defined our third day on Nitto's JK Experience sponsored by Discount Tire. Let's do this.

Getting up early after a night of cabin camping - ready to hit the trails.

Mel reviewing the 72,000 acres - hell yeah.

So green and muddy this spring day. On our way to the trails.

And the views were amazing.

Our leader for the day and his bad-ass rig.

And the wheeling was awesome as well. Rocks, waterfalls, mud, and momentum. Here is Eric from Northridge4x4 rocking it.

Super steep, slippery, muddy, long up-hill climb requires a lot of speed and momentum. After a long climb, a sharp turn and a sneaky tree jumped out to add some new trail badges.

Props to the great JKX crew - jumping in a muddy trail to help us all along.

Mel had us doing team building exercises like... winching. A lot.

We all got to winch some tricky parts of the trail. Always amazed at how well those #warn winches perform. 

Yet another great day on the JKX. Nice to be back home to the cabins, re-torque, wash, and pack for the next day.

Day 2 - Ian Johnson, Xtreme Off-Road & Powernation Studios.

Day 2 started as a road day, putting down some serious miles, then ending up at the studios, Ian Johnson, and some drifting.

On our second day, we hit the road with yet another destination unknown. 

As the miles rolled by, we soon jumped off the road and ended up in a seemingly residential part of town.  Additionally, the cameras hiding along the entrance gave us a hint that we were going to stop here. Then out comes Ian Johnson of XTREME 4X4, part of

Ian Johnson introduces us to the studios and took us on the first ever behind-the-scenes tour.

Learning about the show production, how they shoot, edit and produce - cool stuff.

Oh, and some free swag, raffles, and BBQ for the participants of the JKX - thanks

Before leaving, Ian, Mel and some of us took turns drifting their drifting trikes.


Day 1 - Tennessee: Hale Mountain & Lynchburg

Our first stop on the JKX started in the green mountains of Tennessee. Beautiful weather and killer trails up at Hale Mountain. 

Driver's meeting for Day 1 - let's roll!

Hale Mountain OHV - Great people and great trails. Airing down to go to Hale and back.

unnamed (7).jpg

After an awesome day of wheeling. Airing back up - ready for our next experience - back to the road.

On the road to...

Jack Daniels Distillery - and tour, and an awesome BBQ dinner!

unnamed (26).jpg

Time to clean up, re-torque and get ready for the next day of the JKX.