2012 JKX Recap

WOW!  The 2012 “American Heartland Tour” of the JK Experience presented by NItto Tire was a great success.

“American Heartland Tour” 2012 JK Experience presented by Nitto

It was exciting to have participants from all over the country, even as far as Mexico and Canada. Of course this event would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.  This years event sponsors were:

Nitto Tire as Presenting Sponsor Discount Tire Dynatrac ATX ARB DayStar SkyJacker WARN Project JK Superchips DynoMax Adart Graphics Rancho Hora Zero Tequila EVO Mfg. 

CHECK IN and INSPECTIONFor some of our sponsors and guests it was a long travel to get to our starting location in Terre Haute, Indiana and for others it was a short flight but either way everyone was excited and ready to get rollin.

Awesome support from Nitto and Discount Tire!

Our invited guesst this year were from varies states there was Randy from Texas, Phil from West Virginia, Dave from Colorado, Frank from California, Michael from Nevada and Mike from Canada and Alejandro from Mexico.  After a drivers meeting and brief run down of the event we handed out awesome backpacks provided by Discount Tire of which were stuffed with other goodies provided by Dynatrac, ATX, Skyjacker, DayStar, Project JK, Warn, Superchips, ARB, Adart Co. and EVO Mfg.

Thank you Discount for awesome back packs!! 

We were so excited this year to have an awesome group people and excellent semi and trailer support from Nitto Tire and Discount Tire.  Couldn’t ask for a better support team! We eagerly began to line up for tech inspection and stickering up.

Event Staff at work stickering up a guest rig.

Skyjacker stickering up

It was cool meeting all the participants and the energy level was still high as we finished up the day with a hearty dinner provided by Off Road Evolution and then off to bed for an early AM start. The next morning and the very first day of the JK Experience presented by Nitto we were loaded and lined up ready to go by 8:30AM.

We had an awesome treat!  Discount Tire would haul everyone’s luggage in their trailer support from hotel to hotel so that everyone had more space in their rigs and wouldn’t have to worry about things fall out or being over packed.  Thank you Discount, that sure helped out!

Discount Trailer Support!

Thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Isaac, this tour through America’s Heartland saw some serious mud – an unusual condition for some participants more accustomed to the dry terrain of the Southwest.  Our first trail run, RED BIRD Off Road Park.

ATX Wheels hitten the hills, and a great sponsor of the JKX.

These ARB drawers and freeze frig sure came in handy!

After some awesome wheeling at Red Bird and a well needed lunch sponsored by Discount Tire we finished up at the Hi-Lift compound where we had an EXCITING police escort through town leading us there. As we pulled in they graciously set up wash stations for us so that we could clean our rigs.  There hospitality was top notch, and the home made BBQ food was great!

Now THAT’S A HI-LIFT jack!
Wheeling Red Bird!

Arriving at the Hi-Lift Compound


One of our special treat scheduled for us the following morning was a loose on a lap around the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, followed by shop tours of Impact Racing and Don Schumacher in Indianapolis.

Lap Around Indianapolis Race Track

A big thank you to Impact Safety for the tour. The craftsmanship of your products is truly remarkable.


Don Schumacher Tour

After that highlight, the group packed up and headed into Ohio for a meet-and-greet for JK Forum and a tour of the Jeep Manufacturing plant in Toledo.

People gathering for the Ohio Meet and Greet!
Tour of the Plant! A Big Thank You to Chrysler for making it all possible!

 The Sand Dunes of Silver Lake, Michigan, were next on the agenda and the sandy terrain was a welcome change after two road days.

Rolling down the high way!

Lined up and ready to have fun in the sand!

Sun down! Relaxing for the next day!

After a great day of wheeling, we had a great dinner provided by SUPERCHIPS, a sponsor of the JKX.

End to a great day with a tasty meal sponsored by SUPERCHIPS. A special thanks to the restaurant for staying open especially for the JKX.

Heading north from there, the group spent an afternoon wheeling session at the Rocks and Valleys OHV Park, followed by another great barbecue prepared by the local Off Road club.

Mark, with Daystar a sponsor of the 2012 JKX working his way over the tire.

Guest, Randy from Texas...Working it out! Good get'em Randy!

The final stop on the tour, Drummond Island, Michigan.  But first, a stop at Mackinac Park for a delicious catered lunch by DISCOUNT TIRE.

 Soon after, we loaded the JKs,  the Nitto Semi and Discount Tire support trailer onto a ferry of to Drummond Island.

While locals stayed put for their 10-minute boat ride, JKX participants spilled onto the decks to capture photos and video of the water crossing.

The last day was spent exploring the great trails and views of Drummond Island starting with Turtle Ridge.  With some more mud just to make sure no one went home clean.  There was one mud hole so deep that the JK known as EVO1 winched through the whole thing, plowing mud up to the top of its 40-inch Nitto Mud Grapplers.

Jim with Dynatrac pushing his way through the nasty mud. Thank you DYNATRAC for all your gracious support of the JK Experience over the years.

King Shock Flex with EVO Mfg Suspension System!

After a great day of just beautiful scenery and trails, we ended the night with a team player  game of bowling fun and pizza sponsored by SkyJacker.

Thank you SKYJACKER for all your support!

As every good thing comes to an end, the past days were filled with wheeling, surprise tours, wheeling and delicious sponsored meals.  Now on our final day, we all head out for our last trail run of the 2012 Off Road Evolution JK Experience presented by Nitto.

Dave and Rhonda from Colorado

Randy and Johnathan from Texas

Alejandro and Melanny from Jalisco Mexico

Frank and Brenda from San Marcos, CA

Phil and Jeff from West Virginia

Mike and son Chris from Canada

The event-closing “Survivors’ Dinner” gave everybody a chance to reflect on their favorite trails and exchange contact information with new friends. And, for the father and son team from Yellowknife, Canada, it was the start of a 2,000 mile trip back home.

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